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Black Slimming Body Shape

As low as USD17.55
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-          Soft and elastic fabric makes comfortable for postpartum care and everyday wear, won’t stab the skin

-          Lightwear, breathable fabric

-          4 flexible bones design avoid rolling up or down

-          Help relieve lumbar pressure and correct posture

-          Relief back and abdomen pains

-          Help to get back the tight skin and slim waist sooner for postnatal moms

-          Speed up the recovery and accelerate the healing for postpartum or surgery

-          Wraps the waist, abdomen and back, tightens the tummy and back, provides firm compression control

-          Not only the postpartum moms can wear this slimming shapewear, everyone can wear it under any type of clothing to create a sleek figure

-          5 major functions of quantum chips: warm the heart, protect the fat burning and detoxification, make it easier to slim down, the vibration energy wave of the quantum chip hundreds of millions of times per second can peel off the fat and garbage attached to the abdominal blood vessels, clean the blood vessel, and burn fat, has a certain auxiliary effect on reducing blood fat, and has achieved the goal of faster weight loss

Composition:- Waist : 89.3% Nylon, 10.7% Spandex

Care: Hand Wash

Item Measurements (inches)

Size S M L XL
Height 150-160 cm 155-165 cm 160-170 cm 165-175 cm
Weight 35-52.5 kg 53-62.5 kg 63-77.5 kg 78-85 kg
Waist 22 -26 in 27-30 in 31-33 in 34-36 in



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