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Let’s Pack! Hospital Bag Checklist

Let’s Pack! Hospital Bag Checklist

Getting closer to welcoming your little one to the world? We get it, it's nerve-wrecking and you have more than ten things to be anxious of.

Having your hospital bag ready ahead of time (when you’re 35 weeks pregnant at best) helps you to be alert for eviction (ready-to-pop) notice. The idea is to transport the cosiness within your home to wherever you are giving birth at.

Not sure what to pack? Catch your breath, mama. We’ve thought it through and curated your Hospital Bag so your hubby isn’t running around for things.

The Essentials:

  1. Your insurance and ID card for smooth admission

  2. Any pertinent hospital documents that they are asking you to bring. (birth certificate and hospital pre-registration paperwork, pregnancy medical file, forms for social security, etc.)

  3. Water bottle. Drinking water is easily overlooked with all the check-ins and procedures. Keep hydrated mama. Your body and your mini requires all the fluids at these critical moments.

  4. Masks and sanitizer are necessary as strict safety regulations are still practised at public venues.

  5. Nursing pillow for the convenience of the one nursing and the one feeding.

  6. Toiletries bag with lip balm, hair ties, hairbrush, deodorant, toothbrush, bath towel, dry shampoo, face wash and more. Bring glasses or contacts if you wear them.

  7. Medications if you’re taking.

  8. Socks for you and your partner as it might get cold at night. Slippers for toilet trips.

  9. Micellar wipes for instant refreshing look.

Supplies for Postpartum care:

  1. If you skim through freebies supplied by the hospital, you’ll find most baby and mama essentials are all ready at hand. Disposable undies and pads are great backups if you wish to go beyond hospital-issued mesh undies, no fuss and are NOT eager for laundry days ahead.

  2. Nursing wear. Keep your mini close and your nursing essentials (cover, bras and tops) closer because you’d most likely wear them 24/7. If you’ve chosen to breastfeed, you’ll want a nursing-friendly clothing for comfort as you two form a bond. Available in different colours and sizes, check out on our range of tried-and-true nursing wear that feels good on you.

  3. Comfy leggings/pants. You’ll want to prioritize total comfort right after giving birth. These are the bottoms that moms swear by to be easy-on-the-bod.

  4. Recovery care. Mamas are recommended to bring their pain-relieving care supplies like Massage oil, Perineal spray, stretch mark cream (for your bust and belly) and hot/cold compress pack to round up a more pleasant experience. Oh, almost forgot, Nipple cream. Your nipples will thank you for the initiative. Better still, browse through Garden of Eden's Jojo E double duo Stretch Mark Cream & Serum that includes from A to Z so you’d be less of a worrywart.

For your mini:

  1. Pacifier. Your newborn might be extra fussy, making it next to impossible to catch any zzz’s. Bring one for standby so you can catch a wink while they suckle upon between feedings.

  2. Clothes, odds and sods for the stay and for homecoming, literally. That means a feel-cute sets of outfit, socks, hat, swaddle wrap, blanket, car seat and you’re set.

  3. Another pointer offered by experienced mamas who lived through the journey is: Bring baby clippers (with rounded tips)! You might want to trim a nail or two since they are born with fingernails and can be long at birth. If you fear you might nick them, mittens might help to keep them clawing at their face.

Labor clings/ Nice-to-haves:

  1. Your comfort object on standby when you can’t quite get a hold of yourself. A picture to see, a snuggle to sniff, we don't judge.

  2. Music or more specifically, a playlist to stream to when you're birthing. Blasting your go-to tune will much likely keep you hold onto your seat!

  3. Books, e-reader, magazines, crossword puzzle. Find joy in anything that keeps you entertain pre-labour.

  4. Healthy snacks. A light meal like fruits and snack bars may help women fuel your energy up during induction. But you'd most probably save them for later— appetite loss is a common sign with all that tenacious labour work (you feel me?)

Gadgets and need-be’s to keep you out of boredom:

  1. Laptop or iPad with movies or any shows that you’ve been wanting to watch for ages. Stay in touch with friends on your cell phone or iPad to video chat by WhatsApp or FaceTime.

  2. Small notebook and pen. Pour out your thoughts and experience for a lasting recollection/ memento of your first birth (or however birth counts!) Cause really, there's just something sincere yet romantic about pen on paper than tapping away on your screen. You can also track birth feedings and pen down questions for nurses when they pay you a visit later.

  3. Chargers for your devices. Charge up all your electronics the night before in case your room has no outlets near your bed. You can even bring a portable battery charger to top up on the go.

  4. Camera (optional)

For quick reference, you can simply download and use this hospital bag checklist template we’ve prepared. Take it easy on your body. Get sleep, get rest and allow yourself to recover at your own pace! Remember, do not stress yourself, but enjoy this journey. It will be such a pleasant yet memorable experience to tell in the future!

By Jace Lynn
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