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Region: USA

3 in 1 Belly & Pelvic Wrap

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-          Girdle the waist and accept the belly

-          Pressure adjustable

-          Abdominal body sculpting

-          Breathable and hygroscopic

-          Suitable for natural birth and caesarean section

-          High elasticity and not easy to deform

-          Prevent organs sagging

-          Relieve back and pelvic pain

-          Help ease transition of uterus

-          Minimize stretch marks

-          Accelerates postnatal healing; adds support while breastfeeding; postpartum stomach band provides comfort

-          This postpartum stomach wrap provides firm control, flatten stomach and hides fat on tummy, prevent some of the skin to come out from the bottom stomach belt, the postpartum wrap great for tummy control, waist shapewear belt eased back pain, forces you upright

-          Speeds up postpartum healing process: After giving birth, the space in the uterus remains, abdominal muscles separation needs to be repaired, waist belt postpartum gives you complete abdominal coverage to helps shrink belly, restore the waist, hips  and loose skin.

Help your postpartum recovery by 3 steps:

1. Stomach Belt:

-          Reduce swelling, prevent sagging, support and align your abdomen

-          Shink stomach: Reduce stomach volume and control meals

2. Stomach Belt and Waist Belt:

-          Wrapping our stomach belt followed by the waist belt will provide lumbar support especially if you are breastfeeding.

-          Relieve back pain and correct posture

-          Flat belly and slim

-          Promote uterine contractions

-          Excluding lochia

3. Pelvic Belt:

-          Wrapping our stomach belt followed by the waist belt then the pelvic belt will help with stabilizing loosened pelvic joints, and help hips return to their pre-pregnancy position.

Note: Appropriate wearing period immediately after the operation, preparation for mom is perfect for pregnant women. Preparation for childbirth is simple

*Non-returnable item:This item is not valid for returns,refunds and exchanges

Composition: 76% Polyester, 24% Spandex

Care: Hand Wash

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Size S M L XL
Weight (7-8months pregnant) 45-52.5 kg 53-62.5 kg 63-77.5 kg 78-87.5 kg
Weight (prenatal) 57.5 kg 58-67.5 kg 68-82.5 kg 83-90 kg
Abdominal Circumference (postpartum) 29-33 in 33.5 -37 in 37.5 -43 in 43.5 -45.5 in



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