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Region: Malaysia
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Region: Malaysia

About Us

"What started of as an idea ...years ago.. turned into a fashion line inspired by sophistication, chic and modern comfort to provide all the essentials for stylish moms-to-be.

We are excited to offer fabulous clothing designed with pregnancy and breastfeeding in mind. We felt that there was a lack of choices for women during this special time in their lives. You already have to sacrifice many things during pregnancy but don't let style be one of them.

Our styles are made of high quality, fabrics that are silky soft on both mother and baby’s skin.

We believe these styles, teamed up together or used to compliment your existing wardrobe are perfect for the trendy woman who knows she can still look hip and chic even when pregnant and nursing.

We took into consideration the needs and wants of mums and mums to be and the desire to still look stylish, attractive and feel comfortable during this time.

Enjoy motherhood in style!!"

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